How to unhide a post on Facebook?

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This article will show you how to unhide a Facebook post, whether you accidentally did it or were affected by a problem.

Understanding Hidden Posts:

Unhiding a post requires understanding what hidden posts are and how they work on Facebook. Hiding a post removes it from your timeline, making it visible only to you. This tool helps you streamline your profile and keep things secret. Hidden postings aren’t removed, but friends and followers can’t see them.

Post Hiding Reasons:

Facebook postings are hidden for numerous reasons. It might be a desire for seclusion, a change of heart regarding a post, or a hasty error. No matter the cause, Facebook makes it easy to remove and restore your hidden posts.

Steps to Unhide a Post on Facebook:

Unhiding a Facebook post is easy, however it may differ based on the desktop or mobile app. Step-by-step instructions for both platforms:

Unhiding a Post on Desktop:

Sign in to Facebook:

Open your favorite browser and visit

Log in to Facebook with your email or phone number and password.

Visit Your Profile:

Click your profile name or photo in the top left corner of Facebook after logging in. This opens your profile.

Active Access Log:

Click “More” below your cover photo on your profile.

From the options, choose “Activity Log.” This shows your Facebook activities chronologically.

Locate Hidden Post:

The Activity Log lets you filter content kinds on the left. Find “Hidden From Timeline” and click.

Find the post to unhide in the list.

Unhide Post:

After finding the concealed post, hover your mouse over its right side until the three dots show.

Clicking the three dots opens a menu. Unhide the post using “Allowed on Timeline”.

Check visibility:

Check your timeline to make sure your friends and followers can see the post.

Unhiding a Post on Mobile:

Facebook App Open:

Open the Facebook app on your phone. It may be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Account Login:

Access Facebook with your login credentials.

Visit Your Profile:

Open the menu by tapping the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner.

Scroll down and click “Profile” for your profile.

Active Access Log:

Your profile has three dots underneath your cover photo. From the options, choose “Activity Log.”

Find Hidden Posts:

Tap the top “Category” dropdown in the Activity Log.

Select “Hidden From Timeline” to filter and see hidden posts.

Unhide Post:

Tap the right-side three dots (ellipsis) to unhide the post.

Unhide the post by selecting “Allowed on Timeline” from the options.

Verify visibility:

To validate that others can see the post, check your timeline.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting:

The aforementioned methods work, however Facebook’s UI may change. If you have problems unhiding a post, try these tips:

App or Browser Update:

Use the newest Facebook app or browser. Bug fixes and improvements are common in updates.

Privacy Settings:

Make sure the post’s audience is “Friends” or a custom option that permits others to see it under your privacy settings.

Clear Browser Cache:

Clear your desktop browser cache and cookies to use the newest Facebook version.

Reinstall App:

Uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app may fix difficulties.


Finally, Facebook users must know how to unhide posts. This detailed technique can enable you to hide a post with ease, whether you did it for privacy or accidentally during a scrolling frenzy. These steps will ensure your Facebook timeline shows your desired content visibility. The world’s largest social networking platform lets you connect and share confidently.

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